Litter born March 5, 2014
Wits End Fflur mated to Wits End Did It
Sorry Fflur's litter is sold and living with their new forever owners.
Fflur certainly enjoys being a mother.  Once again she produced a beautiful litter of 6 nicely marked cardigan puppies.  Fflur's maternal instincts are second to none.  Every whimper is met with her undivided attention.  What a beautiful litter!
  Male     black/white/brindle accentsF1

   Small dash - double diamond shaped collar
Sold - Reilly
"New Born Ugly Puppy"
taken 3-6-14 at 12 hrs old
"Coming of Age" pictures
4-25-14 at 51 days of age
"Wobbly Head" pictures
3-29-14 at 24 days old
  Female blue merle w / tan accentsF2

   Full wide blaze - full wide collar
sold - Pipa-
  Male    blue merle w / tan accents  F3

   Narrow  blaze - full 3/4 collar - color on right
Left blue eye - right partial blue
Sold - Blue
  Male         black/white/brindle accents   F4

   Small blaze - small diamond collar
Sold - Buddy
  Female       black/white/brindle accents     F5

Very full wide blaze thru to full collar - large dot
Sold - Roxyanne
  Female       black/white/brindle accents      F6

Medium blaze - 3/4 zigged collar - color on left
Sold - Anky
Litter born October 10, 2014
Wits End Fflur mated to Wits End Did It
2 male and 1 female black & white w/brindle accents  -   1 female blue merle w/white

All of this litter is sold and living with their new family.

Fflur is such a good mother that we again bred her Did It.  She is a no fuss mom who takes her job very seriously.  My clients from Fflurs previous two litters have been very good about sending me updated pictures and coming back for visits.  What outstanding prodigy Fflur and Did It produce.

Love the dramatic change the puppies go through in just 7 short weeks -  what beautiful huge ears  - makes them look like little space aliens....
  Female black/white/brindle accentsF1

   Full blaze - large dot - full collar - color on left
Dooley - Sold
"New Born Ugly Puppy"
taken 10-10-14 at 6 hrs old
"Coming of Age" pictures
11-30-14 at 51 days old
"Wobbly Head" pictures
11-7-14 at 31 days old
  Male       black/white/brindle accents  F2

   medium blaze - half collar - color on right  
Dozer - Sold
  Male           black/white/brindle accents      F3

   narrow blaze - spotty zigged collar
  Female       blue merle  F4

   Medium blaze - 1/2 collar to left
Duchness - Sold
Sold - Chole - Femaleblack/white/brindle accents -  medium blaze - narrow 1/2 collar to the left
"New Born Ugly Puppy"
taken August 8, 2015 at 36 hrs old
"Coming of Age" pictures
taken September 27, 2015 at 51 days old
"Wobbly Head" pictures
taken August 29, 2015 at 22 days old
Sold - Lexie -  Female -  black/white/brindle - accents - very full blaze - very full collar 
  Sold - Gwendolyn - Femaleblack/white/brindle accents  - Full balze - full collar
Sold - Penelope - Female  -   black/white/brindle accents  -    Narrow blaze - medium full collar
  Sold - Farley - Male   -    black/white/brindle accents  -   wide full blaze - zigged full collar
Litter born June 20, 2015
Wits End Tegan mated to Wits End Did It
  3 males and 2 females black & white w/brindle accents  -
Sorry - all of Tegan's puppies are sold!!!!!!!

Tegan surprised us with this flashy marked litter of five. We had planned on waiting a few more months before breeding her but she was eager to be a mother and what a great mom she has turned out to be.  She is so into being a super mom and is very proud and pleased when we fuss over her babies.  Motherhood has added a maturity to Tegan that she displays as a Badge of Honor.  Yep she's one special cardigan.
Thorin - Sold -  Male -    black/white/brindle accents - edium blaze - full wide collar
"New Born Ugly Puppy"
taken -July 21 at 36 hrs old
"Coming of Age" pictures
taken August 8, 2015 at 49 days old
"Wobbly Head" pictures
taken July 12, 2015 at 22 days old
  Priya - Sold - Female     black/white/brindle accents -    Black face - zigged medium collar  
  Cinco - Sold - Female -    black/white/brindle accents  -    wide full blaze - full collar w/dot - color on right
  Gimli - Sold - Male  -   black/white/brindle accents  - very full blaze w/large dot - half collar with color on right - blue left eye
  Geordie - Sold - Maleblack/white/brindle accents  - Full blaze - very full collar with large dot
  Sold - JJ - Male  -  black/white/brindle accents  - medium blaze - 3/4 full collar
Sold - Jarvis - Male   -   black/white/brindle accents      wide full blaza - 3/4 full collar
  Sold Biscut - Female   - Merle  - Full blaze - left blue eye -very full collar 
Litter born August 7, 2015
Wits End Rue mated to Wits End Did It
  3 males and 4 females black & white w/brindle accents  - 1 female merle -
all Rue's puppies are sold and living with their new families

Rue almost caused the rest of my hair to turn gray with this her first pregancy.  She kept getting bigger and bigger and wasn't shy about letting me know how uncomfortable she was.  I made three special trips to the vet.  Thank goodness he was very understanding and each time suggested we wait just a few more days before we take any action.  He and I were concerned Rue would not be able to whelp without assistance.  Rue got her revenge - went into labor wee hours in the morning.  A c-section was preformed.  Wow what a flashy litter of 8 healthy puppies. 
Rue was a little slow accepting the bunch of squirming noisey little wiggly things.  Maturnal instincts finally kicked in and Rue is proving to be a good mom.  She occasionaly give us the soleful look - mainly when human food is around.  She deserves some special treats...
Dooley at 8 weeks.
Dooley at 7 months.

Lilly at 10 weeks

Lilly at 5 months
Then and Now

Alot of my clients send us some beautiful pictures of their cardigan puppies as they continue to grow and change color.  Unfortunately the majority of the pictures I receive cannot be posted to the web site for one reason or another.

The following pictures reproduced beautifully and I wanted to share them with you.  The brindle accents on the black and white become darker and sometimes more pronounced as the cardigan matures.

Gwen and Pen went to a lovely couple who had more than enough love to give to these two "peas in a pod" girls.

Then there's Geordie who at 8 weeks hadn't made any effort to put up his ears.  Generally a sign of a very mellow laid back puppy who's in no rush to do anything new or different OR could be a puppy who is going to have very large ears.  Both applied to Geordie as shown in the pictures below.
Geordie at 8 weeks      
Geordie at 10 weeks
Geordie at 14 weeks!!!!!!!!
Pen & Gwen
  Female  black/white/brindle accents   T1

   Medium wide blaze thru to very full collar
Sold - Rita
"New Born Ugly Puppy"
taken January 4, 2016 at 6 hrs old
"Coming of Age" pictures
taken February 19, 2016 at 46 days old
"Wobbly Head" pictures
Taken January 23, 2016 at 19 days old
Litter born January 4, 2016
Wits End Tegan mated to Wits End Did It
  4 males and 2 females black & white w/brindle accents  - $1,000 + $67.50 sales tax
Sorry - all Tegan's puppies sold and living in their new homes!!!

Tegan was feeling very uncomfortable the last week of her pregnancy - she was so large she had to have assistance getting in and out of her whelping pool.  Finally the little ones decided to come out and meet the new world - did I say little - they were whoppers - poor Tegan!  But all went well and Tegan being an experinced mother jumped right in and took charge.  4 pounds of puppies is a lot for a dog who only weighs 22 lbs.
  Male    black/white/brindle accents   T2

   Narrow strip thru to very full collar
sold - Sherlock
  Male      black/white/brindle accents   T3

   Dash on forehead -diamond shaped 3/4 full collar
  Female  black/white/brindle accents   T4

   Zigged blaze thru to narrow complete collar
  Male     black/white/brindle accents    T5

   Wide blaze w/dot thru to very full collar
  Male  black/white/brindle accents   T6

  Full wide blaze - small 1/2 collar - color on right
Sold - Morty
Geordie at 6 months - finally grew into his ears.
Gwen & Pen
Pen & Gwen
Previous Litters of Cardigan Welsh Corgi puppies born at Wits End
  Sold - Buster  - Male Merle    Full blaze thru to very full collar w/gray dot on head - left blue eye -
"New Born Ugly Puppy"
taken March 6, 2016, at less than 9 hrs old
"Coming of Age" pictures
taken April 24, 2016 at 49 days old
"Wobbly Head" pictures
Taken March 26, 2016 at 20 days old
Litter born March 6, 2016
Wits End Rue mated to Wits End Did It
All Rue's puppies are sold and living in their "forever homes"

Wow did Rue give us a fantastic surprise. We knew she had at lot of puppies, but her last litter  only produced one merle colored puppy.  Rue is a little bit a drama queen during her pregnancies and this time was no exception.  She took 9 hours and 15 minutes to whelp!  We both were pretty exhausted by the time she was finished.   Rue is a awesome mother and after a brief rest she jumped right in making sure everyone was fed and cleaned. 
  Sold - Darwyn  -  Male -      black/white  -   small blaze - 1/2 narrow collar - color on left
Sold - Fiona  -  Female - black/white - medium blaze - medium full collar - color on left

Sold - Male-   merle - very full blaze - full collar -     2 blue eyes -
Sold - Rocky - Male -    merle - very full blaze - medium broken collar -   Both eyes blue
Sold - Callie Blue - Femaleblack/white - wide blaze - full collar - white on right ear - blue right eye
Sold - Moon Pie - Male -   merle -   wide blaze - lots of black on face - full collar - Blue left eye -
sold - Pearl - Female- -    merle - very full blaze - black on left side of head - full collar - left blue eye
Gwen & Pen
R1 - male
R4 - male
R5 - male
R8 - female
These pictures indicate the pattern / markings of the black on the merle puppies from Rue's litter.  Due to using a flash the coloring of the gray may be a different shade then viewed in real life.  The white blaze on the face will reduce in mass as the puppy ages and will look different when viewed at 5 weeks - and different again at 8 weeks.  The bright pink coloring on the face will turn white and the pink noses should turn all black.
We will not know which, if any, puppy will have blue eyes until the eyes open at about 3 weeks.  You will see which are blue via  the "wobbly Head" photos when they are posted to the web site on or about March 27th.
No additional aerial photos will be taken.
R7 - male

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